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MFSAB Type II Knowledge Test

MFSAB Type II Knowledge Test - Before You Begin

A "multifunction school activity bus" is a vehicle which is used to transport students on trips other than on a fixed route between home and school, and which meets the construction safety standards for a "multifunction school activity bus" adopted by rule by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

If a school owns a multifunction school activity bus or leases one other than as provided in subdivision 4(34)(A)(vi) of this title, the driver shall be required to hold a license which includes a school bus driver's endorsement. A school bus endorsement road test may be taken in a multifunction school activity bus, but the resulting endorsement shall be restricted to the operation of the appropriately sized multifunction school activity bus.

School bus drivers must possess special knowledge and skills in order to ensure the safe transportation of their passengers. In addition to the knowledge and skill requirements of operating commercial motor vehicles, school bus drivers must be aware of the risks that are unique to transporting school children. It is this responsibility that makes school bus operation a specialized driving task. To become licensed as a school bus driver, you must meet certain training, testing and medical qualifications, and obtain a school bus endorsement.

Listed below are the basic steps required to obtain a school bus (MFSAB restricted) endorsement:

  • Physical examination conducted by a licensed physician, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner.
  • School bus driver training clinic.
  • Valid license, school bus endorsement, vision, written and road tests.