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Learner's Permit Application

Learner's Permit Application

With a valid Learner’s Permit, you may drive anywhere, anytime in Vermont if there is a licensed and unimpaired parent or guardian, or a licensed or certified unimpaired driver education instructor or a licensed and unimpaired individual 25 years of age or older riding in the front seat.

Motorcycle Permit Application

A Vermont licensed resident who does not possess a motorcycle endorsement may obtain a motorcycle learner permit to learn how to operate a motorcycle. The Motorcycle Learner Permit will allow you to ride a motorcycle on any public highway to become familiar with actual operation.

MFSAB Type II Knowledge Test

School bus drivers are expected to meet the highest traffic safety standards. They must adhere to the many rules and regulations that ensure safety in and around the bus, and ensure the vehicle is in top mechanical condition. Their attention to safety is another key factor in the impressive safety record of school bus transportation.